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Workforce Training

We understand the importance of workforce training and the value of a qualified workforce.  With a strong background in manufacturing, metal fabrication, woodworking and lumber production Winston County is home to a robust, qualified and well-trained workforce.  We are also proud to enjoy Alabama’s right-to-work status.  


We are fortunate that the county is encircled with a strong community college presence and accordingly, we have worked to utilize the community college system to partner in workforce training efforts.  We have encouraged local business leaders to participate in the regional workforce council to promote the ongoing engagement of community technical schools to continually align their teaching curriculums with local business needs.


And we are thankful to be in Alabama where we are recognized for strong state support through AIDT, the Alabama Technology Network and the Alabama Robotics Training Park.

Recommended Resources

Bevill State Community College

In an ever changing global economy, it is imperative to have a well-trained skilled workforce. Bevill State Community College's Workforce Solutions Division provides many training opportunities through Training for Existing Business and Industry, short-term Skills Training, Alabama Mining Academy, Adult Education/GED, and the Alabama Career Center System.

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Wallace State Community College

Through the customized Training for Business and Industry, Adult Education and Continuing and Corporate Education programs, Wallace State’s Workforce Solutions Division exists to bridge the training needs of individuals and employers, to enhance the workforce with qualified workers, and to energize the economic development of the region.

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Northwest Shoals Community College

The NW-SCC Workforce Solutions Division provides area companies and individuals with a wide range of technical training, administrative assistance, and personal development courses in the belief that learning is a life-long experience. This division, because of its flexibility, provides services not found in the traditional education environment.

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